Tree Stump Removal

Our Tree Stump Removal Service

Tree Stump Removal is a difficult task and an ordinary person can’t do this. It requires heavy shoveling machines or grinders to remove the stump. Stump is the log of wood i.e. left in the ground after cutting down the tree and as it is said that there are 2 methods to remove it i.e. Grind it with the help of a grinder or remove it from the base with the help of a heavy shoveling machine. If you go for the second option then there is also a possibility that you don’t cut down the tree at all i.e. if it is not needed for wood or so, move it as a whole from the base and plant it somewhere else where it is needed more.

A fully grown tree can take around about 5 to 10 years to grow and their life span varies between 50 to around 75 years.

If you still want to remove it and you want to do it with perfection then we recommend you calling Rocklin Tree Service, CALIFORNIA. We will provide you with the full package which includes stump removal, insurance cost, leveling of the ground and also planting the grass on it if you may want to, along with this we will provide you not only with a service that lies in your budget but also we will provide you with routine check-ups to see if the roots start to spring up again.

Tree Stump Removal Services FAQs:

It can be used as an ottoman stand or also if it is trimmed, polished then it can become an excellent table with the glass on the top with the wood chairs (stump) on the sides.

A stump grinder or stump cutter that removes tree stumps using a rotating cutting disc that chips away the wood.

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