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Welcome to your local tree service company in Rocklin, California that is fully devoted to creating premier outdoor spaces. We assure you, as our esteemed clients, you’ll receive quality service and exceptional satisfaction from our services.

Our tree services are tailor made as per your needs and are carried out by our trained team of arborists. Our team has a great wealth of knowledge in the tree service industry to share with our valued clients ensuring all your needs are met with optimum outcomes. Our Rocklin tree services vary depending on your tree needs and emergencies. As property owners in Rocklin, it is quite essential to routinely check on the status of your trees to ensure that all its components are in good standing conditions.

We are your professional tree service providers, we’re here to take care of your trees that need our professional touch within your property. We provide you as our clients with a proper and effective tree health management plan, offering tree services such as tree removal, routine tree maintenance, tree trimming, tree cabling and bracing among others.

Opting to carry out tree services yourself can be great but a very risky venture especially when you are not experienced in the tree service field. In these cases, hiring us as your certified tree service company in Rocklin CA is highly advised.

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Reasons why you should hire us

We Are Detail Oriented

As your Rocklin tree service team of expert arborists, we pays special attention to the finest details of each project so as to ensure our clients satisfaction, from the start to the completion of the tree services we offer. Our main goal is to help you as a property owner, to improve your property’s outdoor appearance, increase the value of your property as we generally make it aesthetically appealing. We’re here for every step of the way!

We Are Licensed And Insured

Your safety and property is our top priority whenever we carry out any of our tree services. Our tree service experts will ensure that all your safety concerns are  handled professionally both before and after completion of the project. We have expertise in working with the different types of equipment to carry out the service and or detailed tree inspection. We come up with the safest approach to our work. As skilled arborists, we are also licensed and we will reduce any liabilities that might arise from the tree services rendered. This will save you the money that you would in the end use to pay for the liabilities. In the case of a mishap if you carried out the tree services yourself.

We Are Available 24 Hours

Our communication lines are open all through the day and you can call us anytime you need us in the case of an emergency tree service. We will quickly respond to your call in less than 24hours. As our customers, we value you and your time. We make it our best effort in reaching back out to you for our tree services.

CALL: 916-619-6167

Five Star Services


Our team of experts are professionals, who have studied, trained and practiced the art of tree services. With that, rest assured we deliver quality work and a great value for your money when you hire us for your tree service. Once the project is complete, our tree service experts will leave your space spotless, as we always do an overall site cleanup. We offer both residential as well as commercial tree services at affordable rates.

We offer a prompt turnaround and save you money

Once an agreement is reached by both of parties, the client and the contractors, we will deliver within the shortest time period as agreed per the contract. This prompt turnaround ensures less time wastage on carrying out the tree services. Our Rocklin tree service professionals have all the equipment needed and will show up with them on site to get the job done. 

We guarantee customer satisfaction

For us as a tree service in Rocklin CA, your satisfaction is our top priority. We offer you a variety of services. Before any tree service project starts. We will give you a clear overview of our plan of action, & what it will entail. We do this in order to know the end goal of your tree service requirements. Always feel free to take your time in reviewing the costs. Asking for clarity when needed. Our arborists are quite the experts and will never force you into signing the estimates unless we both reach a consensus. e want you to be very comfortable with us and the service we provide. You will fully pay us only when your expectations are met.


At Rocklin California tree services, we take pride in the quality of our team’s handiwork as well as the output. With our vast experience, we have fully developed and widened our ability to pinpoint your tree problems and offer you the correct solutions. We put in place a proper tree maintenance plan for your property when needed.

This is to ensure that your trees remain healthy for a longer period of time. Adequate tree care can guarantee you and the property many years of clean air  and a breath of fresh oxygen produced by your healthy trees. As part of our tree services, we always make sure to educate our clients on how to identify different tree issues that you can at times carry out yourself. For severe occasions, you know when to call us for our professional services before the situations get out hand. Our arborists in Rocklin CA are always available and ready to help when you call for us.

Our tree service company provides a wide range of tree services as we wholly take care of your trees. Our tree services comprise of;

24 hours Emergency Tree Services

Or Rocklin Tree service professions are properly trained to handle and deal with any tree issues that may arise. This includes all emergency services and normal scheduled tree maintenance. Our team of experts work in different shifts ensuring 24 hour emergency tree services to our clients.

Excellent customer service is golden seal, ready to answer your emergency tree service calls. We offer our emergency tree services to both commercial as well as residential property owners. We are here to engage with you as our customers with the utmost honesty and integrity. With this, you are guaranteed that we are getting deeper to the root of the problem. Not just handling the immediate effects. We take the time to ensure that we get the job done right the first time and take any necessary measures to help you avoid similar problems from happening again in the future.


Tree Trimming, Pruning And Topping Services

Our Rocklin arborists always recommend a scheduled tree trimming and pruning for trees that are 1 to 2 years in age. This is because they are still in their young age and during their dormant seasons. This procedure involves physically cutting off the tree parts that are old or injured and can be a hazard to those around them. This also includes parts that are infected or overgrown. Tree trimming procedures will mostly apply to ornamental landscape trees.

Tree trimming is often season and plant-specific. Some plant species will require less frequent pruning like evergreens while other plants require frequent pruning like herbaceous plants after every season. We usually carry out tree trimming services during the trees’ dormant periods. We do tree trimming for tree crowns in three different ways. This depends on the purpose you would like to achieve with the tree.

We carry out tree crown reduction services in order to reduce the foliage density. In order to create more space below the tree, our skilled arborists will carry out tree crown raising services. For healthy tree branch retention, we will opt for the crown thinning technique.

Tree Felling and Tree Service Removal Services

We carry out tree removal services for different reasons. These include; paving way for construction, closeness to utility lines, environmental, tree health or disease and also for aesthetic reasons. This is where we safely remove the trees that are considered safety hazards from your outdoor space ensuring quality protection of your high valued property. As well as the lives of the property owners. Severe damages and destruction may be caused when trees fall.

This will create liabilities and high costs of refurbishment in cases where you are found with no proper tree insurance coverage. We highly advise all Rocklin, CA property owners to seek our professional help in the  matters tree felling and tree removal. Our arborists will promptly respond to your call and provide the best solution needed.

Tree Stump Grinding And Stump Removal Services

Tree stump removal in most cases will be quoted separately from the tree removal costs. When these stumps are left unattended, they can become potential safety hazards, and equally leave the space not so visually pleasing. Our Rocklin, California tree service experts will provide you with a fair quote for the tree stump removal services. We will either carry out the activity through tree stump grinding or the entire removal of tree stumps. This depends solely on your preference and our diagnosis report.

Tree Pest And Diseases Control Services

As a property owner, the trees in your yard, may at one time or another be attacked by a pests or a disease. Without a quick diagnosis, the pests or the disease can spread fast to the entire tree as well as the other nearby trees. This causing potential risks to the trees. Give us a call and our arborist will properly examine and assess the disease at hand. We’ll take the best possible solution to curb and discourage the spread of either the pest or the diseases at hand.

Tree Service Rocklin

Tree Cabling And Bracing Services

We carry out tree cabling and bracing to help trees stay strong during storms, by restricting their movement using cables and braces. This tree service helps to minimize the chances of a tree becoming a hazard such as falling and destroying property during a bad storm, strong winds and ice/snow falling on them.

We always advise you, as a property owner, to get in touch with our expert arborists. Carrying out this service is technical and doing it yourself without good knowledge on the technique can be unsafe for the tree.

In case you notice splits or other structural weakness signs on one or a few of your tree branches or even on the crotches and the trunk, be sure to contact us. Our tree services Rocklin offer affordable rates for cabling and bracing.


Tree Planting, Afforestation and Reforestation Services

On occasions when you need tree planting, afforestation or reforestation services, our professionals will always be there to help. Our Rocklin CA team of experts have been well trained in tree planting and tree maintenance. We aim to reducing liability risks on your property.

We are a fully licensed and Bonded company. We offer  consultation and free estimates on the best trees species to use in different climate zones within the city of Rocklin. With this we ensure a ninety five percent survival rate from all the trees that we will plant for you. We also offer our first time clients a free tree check-up for the first three months after planting them.

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