Our Stump Grinding Service

Stump grinding is an easy task to accomplish if one has the right tools and experience for the job, but rather it is recommended that you take the help of professionals because no matter how hard one tries usually something is always left behind and in working with these heavy machines a minor mistake can cause a havoc So, it’s better to let the professionals handle these tasks.

Following are the steps you need to take under consideration when grinding stump:

  • Always wear your protective gear which includes covering your toes, mouth/eyes, legs, arms in short cover your whole body before starting to grind the stump.
  • Try to cut the stump with the chainsaw up to the base which becomes very handy when grinding big stump pieces.
  • Dig the soil up around the stump and remove all the rocks which could damage the teeth of the grinder.
  • After this, put the grinder over the stump and then start grinding slowly, make sure to eradicate the roots also which require you to go around usually 4 inches in the ground.
  • After finishing off the grinding take away the grinder slowly by first turning it off after that make sure to level the wood chips on the ground.
  • Put soil on the area and then level it to and after that put the grass seeds in the soil and then water it.
  • Take care of the place as you do take care of the whole lawn, no special treatment is required what so ever.

Stump Grinding Services FAQs:

It’s as a precautionary measure i.e. to save the machinery and time because if it is to be cut from the bottom then the earth has been dug and then the trees are to removed one by one and after that, it will be cut whereas in this way trees are cut from where they are standing i.e. in the forest, in a plant kingdom (place for plants), etc.

  1. Grinding the Stump.
  2. Remove it from the bottom.
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