Tree Trimming & Pruning

Our Tree Trimming & Pruning Service

Tree trimming and Pruning is necessary from time to time to keep firstly, the environment clean and secondly, to make sure the safety of the people walking or standing beneath them. Always make sure to take the help of a professional when you want to prune or trim the trees and moreover if some electrical wires are passing through them then you might want to consult the line-men of your area also.

We here at Rocklin Tree Services have got everything covered for you, Our team of experts know how to deal with matters related to trees better than anyone.

When we are called to work, we follow the following things:

  • Check to see if the tree is young or old, because if it is old then you can’t prune more than 10% of the branches and if it is young then you can go easily for like 25%.
  • Always check for the V-shape branches first i.e. if you see one then cut one of the 2 because they are taking half of the total energy and are growing simultaneously but if you cut the half then you will see that full energy is going for the growth of the single branch which is beneficial rather than dividing the potential for growth.
  • It is preferable to prune or trim the trees at the end of the winter season because then the healing process will be much faster and you will see a much better growth by the end of the spring season.
  • Always make sure the tools you are using are sharp and are at the best of their working condition.
  • If you don’t know what is going on with your tree i.e. its skin is peeling off, its bark is getting thinner than contact a professional company like Rocklin Tree Service urgently who have one of the best Arborists in the area.

Tree Trimming and Pruning Services FAQs:

Arborists are no ordinary people; they are the plant doctors who know which plant to remove i.e. beyond healing and which can heal etc. They give a lot of input in the field of trees and plants.

Pruners, Clippers, or Secateurs are used for pruning purposes.

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